About Us         

Our name "We Be" came from our daughter who put her own slant on "We Are"
French Bulldogs.  When we would take our first frenchies out in public we would
hear everything from: is it a pug?  Is it a pig?  Is it a bunny rabbit?  "No, these are
French Bulldogs," we would reply.  We are a family that owns and operates a small
breeding program living in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley in Southeastern
Washington State.
As breeders, owners and handlers we are very dedicated to our breed and
preserving the best in AKC breed standards and temperament.  If you were to ask
us why we love these funny little dogs with their big, chocolate brown eyes,
expressive faces and bat like ears surely we could give you a hundred reasons.  
Simply put, "Frenchies are like potato chips, you can't have just one."
                                                Mark & Toni Myers
We Be French Bulldogs

Are all French Bulldogs alike?

There are energetic frenchies
and placid frenchies.
Hard headed frenchies and sweet natured frenchies.
Serious frenchies and good-natured goof balls.
Introverted frenchies and frenchies who love everyone.

Keep this in mind when you are working with your
French Bulldogs do not need docking or clipping; with their smooth short coat and
they don't shed much.  
The facial wrinkles, creases around the tail and ears must be kept clean.
They are extremely intelligent and love to play with well behaved children.
They seldom bark and are seldom destructive.
They are distinctive with the bat ears, which make them a noticeable dog.  
They are adaptable and happy in most environments (both city and country living) as
long as they have human companionship.
They do not take kindly to kennel life as their place is with and alongside their human
They do not like to be too hot or too cold and dislike being alone.
They do not take kindly to kennel life as their place is with and alongside their human
Their wonderful personality, size and appearance is what makes the Frenchie an ideal
About Us