*So as not to confuse anyone these are some of our
favorite          photos from our previous litters.
We offer the following:
Shots to date,
micro chips,
dew claws removal,
full or limited contracts,
DNA testing,
well pet exams done by our veterinarian,
a one year guarantee,
AKC dog registration number,
three generation AKC certified pedigree,
AKC's CAR 24/7 Lost & Found lifetime protection,
1-year of AKC Family Dog magazine subscription
and a dog care and training DVD to get you started.
How do I start the process of getting one of your puppies and I live in another
State is that a problem?

Your deposit is your word or symbol of your commitment to us and vice versa.
And many puppies are spoken for before they are born, therefore we accept
deposits.  The $500 deposit goes towards the purchase price of the puppy and
determines your priority in the selection order and process of choosing your
puppy.  With your deposit you state your preferences: Male or Female, Pet
quality or show potential and color.  You will then pick your puppy in the order
of our receipt of your deposit on the day the litter is 8 weeks old.  If we do not
have a puppy that meets your wish list we will refund your deposit or you may
move it to a future litter.  Refunds will not be made if you change your mind or
purchase a puppy elsewhere.
Pet quality puppies will need proof of spay/neuter in their future..  There is
nothing wrong or inferior about these pups; they simply would not in our
opinion be competitive in the conformation ring of an AKC dog show.  These
dogs are sold with a limited AKC registration, which means they cannot be
used for breeding.   Our French bulldogs are still attractive, healthy and smart
and would do well to compete in performance events like agility, rally or
obedience and can still be shown nicely in the 4-H and Jr. Handler rings where
the judge is watching to see how well the young handler is at showing the dog.
So, ask us to send you a potential puppy owner questionaire to fill out and
return back to us with your preferences listed or maybe no preferences are in
order and that is okay too.  We will be happy to help you to match your life
style, energy level, dreams, wishes, memories and hopes to just the right
french bulldog for you.  
We place a strong emphasis on having the potential puppy owners come over
before the puppies are 8 weeks old and spend some time with them playing,
interacting with there litter mates and watch their different personalities
emerging.  I firmly believe that there is a frenchie for every human it's all
about making the right match.  By doing my job well, I will give you lots of
information about each puppy in the litter to make an informed decision.
We fill our waiting list of 4 puppy deposit's and then we breed the litter and
not the other way around.  The next litters coming in the winter of 2014 we
already have three families in line and only one more deposit will be
accepted.  This spring we will breed again and our puppies should be a broad
spectrum of colors, personalities with a big mix of goofy behaviors that the
frenchie is so famous for.   
The day that each puppy leaves our home is incredibly hard and
our hearts feel the loss so deeply that we wonder why we breed
french bulldogs.  As breeders we know that we are responsible for
these puppies being born, and we are also responsible for them
until the day they die.  So our contract specifies that if for any
reason you can not take care of your frenchie please bring it back
to us.  We don't ever want to find one of our babies in a rescue
situation. It is our goal as breeder's to bring years of the same kind
of unconditional love and overwhelming joy that we have
experienced from the french bulldogs we have fallen in love with.  
We ask that you take the time to enroll your puppy in an obedience
It is important to us that we stay connected to our frenchie friends
and families we have selected, calling us with news of puppy's first
dog event or a funny story about what puppy did reminds us why
we love being french bulldog breeders and it carries us forward.  
We love to receive pictures and holiday cards, emails and
questions.  We always have time for our extended french bulldog
    Mark & Toni Myers
We Be French Bulldogs